We offer a wide range of biological specimen sets scientifically labelled and embedded in clear resin for all round ease of viewing:-
Arthropod Specimen Sets

Our 10 piece boxed sets are designed to introduce the Arthropod world to school students and are used for teaching phylum, class and orders to students of all ages.

Learn about anatomy and physiology and test students with specifically designed sets covering Science Key Stage 1 and Science Key Stage 2.

Each set comprises specimens which are representative of the following classes: Crustacea, Myriapoda, Arachnida and Insecta.

Choose from 5 differently labelled sets including Welsh Language labels.
Biological Specimen Sets

We offer an extensive range of higher biological specimens professionally prepared in clear resin.

These are ideal for classification and biological comparative studies, the sets include whole mounts, labelled dissections and animal kingdom representatives.

Major anatomical and skeletal functions are labelled for higher education covering GCSE, A level and undergraduate education.

Choose from a wide range of specimens including Rat, Rabbit, Fish, Bird and Amphibian.

Heart and brain sets are also available for biological comparative studies.